Large-Genie systems are available for laboratories requiring high quality, large quantities of pure water. Designed to supply the single laboratory or numerous points of use, with daily needs up to 1900 liters.

- Integrated water purification control, as well as distribution
- Pure water dispenser (option)
- Optimized waste from reverse osmosis water recovery cycle to maximize water efficiency
- Standard produces 30 L/h (60 L/h flow rates available as an option).
- Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity for remote control and monitoring with smart systems.
- Continuous measurement of water level inside the tank for safety operations
- Built-in spill protection inside to allow water flow to be turned off in case of spills as an option
- Optionally separate 100-350 L tank with direct level management
- Display in several languages
-Pre-treatment cartridges to be ordered separately

Certifications: the Rephile system comes with a certificate of compliance, this ensures that it was manufactured and tested according to standard operating procedures, the system also includes a calibration certificate for the system's resistivity and temperature sensors. Consumables include a quality certificate. The production site is ISO 9001 (2015) and ISO 140001 certified.

Installation and maintenance: From us you purchase this system with installation, on-site maintenance and validation with qualified and Rephile-certified technicians throughout Switzerland (these services are extra).

Genie Large E (30 L/h)

    Delivery time:45 days