Terms & Conditions

Noion Aqua Terms and Conditions

1. Orders
For your orders use only NOION AQUA product numbers and the information necessary to complete your order. NOION AQUA reserves the right to correct printing and price errors or omissions in quotations and documentation.

2. Orders and contracts
They are subject to acceptance by our office in Magliaso, Switzerland. Any mention in an order that modifies the conditions and terms of supply of NOION AQUA listed in this document must be previously accepted in writing by NOION AQUA. Any order canceled after acceptance by NOION AQUA is subject to a 25% commission for cancellation costs.

3. Prices and quotations
Orders are sent at the price currently in effect at the time of shipment. Unless otherwise specified, prices are FOB from the shipping point. All prices are subject to change without written notice. Availability subject to sale.

3.1 Taxes
All prices shown are excluding VAT.

4. Payment terms
Our payment terms for the supply of complete systems are 50% down payment for order confirmation, Balance 50% before installation date, for consumables the terms of payment is 30 days invoice date for credited customers only, all other is prepaid. For overdrafts beyond 90 days, we reserve the right to discontinue any supply until the overdue balance is paid and require prepayment for all subsequent supplies.

4.1 Retention of title
The material provided by NOION AQUA remains our property until full payment of the invoices that the customer expires. The client also authorizes NOION AQUA to register the retention of title in the public register and to fulfill all the related formalities. The customer up to that moment will have to keep the products supplied in conditions suitable for the resale of the same. If the installment payment is agreed, the products delivered remain the property of NOION AQUA until the last installment is paid. In the event of default, the customer authorizes NOION AQUA to collect the material supplied from the place of installation assuming the costs for the consumables used.

5. Shipping costs
Our supplies are generally EXW Incoterms 2020. We reserve the right to select the cheapest courier for destinations outside of Switzerland, or to bill you for the difference if you wish to use a courier of your choice.

6. Special orders for non-stock products
A surcharge of CHF 50 will be charged to order special items from our suppliers, the same fee applies if you decide to cancel this item. The cancellation of these items cannot be considered if the supplier of the product has already received the order from NOION AQUA or if the item has already been sent. Special orders for products not related to our catalog or customized products cannot be returned and are not entitled to any refund.

6.1 Arrangment for hydraulic installation in accordance with SSIGA specifications
Installations must be carried out and maintained in accordance with the SSIGA specifications and the requirements issued by the municipal water supplier. Where the water purification system is installed, the user must personally install or upgrade the hydraulic system with a non-return valve according to SSIGA specifications by an approved sanitary installer.

7. Warranty
All new products manufactured, manufactured and purchased by NOION AQUA are guaranteed for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase or installation, 3 months for used and reconditioned items. Provided it is used according to technical specifications and according to the values ascertained in the installation report. This warranty is limited to repair, replacement or credit note by NOION AQUA, if a product is defective it must be returned carriage paid to NOION AQUA, Via Roggia 4, 6983 Magliaso, Switzerland. NOION AQUA will arrange, upon receipt, to repair the defect or replace the defective part. When an item is replaced, the defective item remains the property of NOION AQUA. Shipping, travel if a technician repair the systems at your place and insurance costs for repaired or replaced items are at cost and responsibility of the customer. Repairs and replacements are EXW NOION AQUA Magliaso, all transfers for repairs and replacements of defective items covered by warranty made directly by the customer, will be invoiced.

7.1 Note
The warranty is extended to purchasers-dealers who have purchased NOION AQUA products. If the product is resold, NOION AQUA does not extend the warranty to final consumers. There are no other guarantees besides those considered in these conditions. Depictions, statements, diagrams or examples depicted do not imply any guarantee or quality standard. In the event that a NOION AQUA product is modified in any place outside the original production point, this warranty is null and void.

8. Limitation of Liability
The responsibility for which NOION AQUA can be held liable in the event of warranty or related damage to the goods or services offered by NOION AQUAis limited to reimbursement of the cost of the material supplied. NOION AQUA's responsibility for loss of earnings, damage to things or persons caused by products or services provided by NOION AQUA (whether due to discovered or latent defects) lack of supply, breakage of connections, or any other cause, including negligence by NOION AQUA, cannot exceed the value of the goods or services supplied and invoiced. In no case including a cause of negligence, can you hold NOION AQUA responsible for accidents or consequential damages, NOION AQUA is not responsible for the loss of use of the product, of the company, or of the purchaser's or purchaser's equipment final whether it is due to a partial or total defect of the product, of its manufacture of its design or its installation. NOION AQUA does not bear the costs for the removal or reinstallation of any product supplied. Damages caused by improper storage, improper rotation of the product, improper treatment, frost, or installation, fire or other events are not considered by NOION AQUA as its responsibility.

9. Supply
NOION AQUA's liability ceases upon delivery of the products to the shipper. NOION AQUA does not insure shipments unless specifically requested by the customer.

10.1 Replacement of demineralization cartridges
The delivery in Groupage of demineralization cartridges regenerated during the pre-established days (in the 2 fixed days per week) are subject to a delivery flat-rate that varies by area, this Package only provides for transport in Groupage and does not provide for the time for any replacement of the cartridge in place, the cartridge must be ready and already disconnected from the water supply ready for collection. If an intervention by our technician is required to replace it and reconnect it to the grid and to purge the circuit, the necessary time will be charged. If the driver is unable to pick up the cartridge upon arrival for reasons beyond his control due to forgetfulness, non-attendance, or failure to make the returnable vacuum available, this waiting time calculated as additional waiting time.

10.2 Travel expenses
The costs of providing or replacing consumables at home and of repairing purified water systems involve the billing of the technician's travel cost and the time to replace them on your system.

11. Complaints
For damage to the goods or for the loss must be made directly to the shipper.

12. Delays in supply
NOION AQUA is not responsible for delays due to strikes, wars, accidents, delay or errors of the supplier or shipper, or any other cause that does not fall within its control.

13. Return of goods
The material must not be returned without the written agreement of NOION AQUA, NOION AQUA reserves the right not to accept the material returned without its explicit written consent. Any return of resalable and not yet opened goods is subject to a billing of 25% of its sales value for restocking. All authorized merchandise to return, must be sent ex our FOB factory Magliaso / Switzerland, the shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

14. Errors, lack of articles, etc.
Claims for errors, loss of items, lack of items, must be announced immediately to the shipper upon receipt of the goods. If the products are sent loose on pallets,each individual packaging must be counted upon receipt, any difference, defect or breakage of the packaging must be noted on the receipt document and announced to the shipper, otherwise all complaints are void.

15. Modification of products
NOION AQUA reserves the right to make changes in the aesthetics, design or materials if it deems necessary, without any preliminary notice. Products deemed obsolete due to their design or if they are no longer supplied or discontinued by the manufacturer cannot be returned for a refund.

16. Amendment to these general sales and supply conditions
NOION AQUA reserves the right to make changes to these general sales and supply conditions at any time.

17. Terms of use
Install the products indoors, sheltered from frost, excessive heat and protected from direct sunlight. Before installation, check that the hydraulic and electrical installation is carried out according to the applicable rules. Prepare a non-return valve before the systems. In the presence of elements that cause the "water hammer" (solenoid valve, single-lever faucets, etc.) it is mandatory to protect the system and products with an anti-water hammer device (expansion vessels, shock absorbers, etc.) is mandatory protect the system with a pressure reducer if the pressure exceeds 4 bar. Or that indicated in the system specifications if lower. Eliminate any tension on the products, lengthening of pipes, bending and vibrations. After producing the water, always close the inlet supply valve. Do not leave a system under permanent pressure unattended to avoid any risk of flooding or install an automatic interception device against flooding. During the night and in case of prolonged absence, always interrupt the hydraulic supply. After each replacement of the cartridge let the water run for at least 5 minutes before use.

18. Jurisdiction

The competent court is the headquarters of NOION AQUA Sagl in Magliaso.


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