About Us


For 60 years Noion Aqua has manufactured water treatment systems for laboratory. From 1996 until 2008 we introduced as service representative Millipore® products in Southern Switzerland, thanks to our experience and technical trainings we grown our competence and experience with these systems. We are able to perform certificate maintenance & validation IQ-MQ-OQ-PQ for all Water Systems, all this with precision, quality and reliability proudly Swiss. In 2005, we began to introduce Cartridges and replacement parts compatible to Millipore® Systems for pure and ultra pure water systems.
We recondition also Pure Water Systems with accurate check systems according to manufacturer specifications, most systems will have new wearable parts and pumps, so they can perform like new for long time for a fraction of his original price. Noion Aqua also brings to its customers decades of experience in technical support for all Water Systems with seriously Swiss engineering.