Regeneration of ion exchanger cartridges

Regeneration of ion exchanger cartridges
Service Exchange Deionization Quality Control certified ISO 9001:2015

At Noion Aqua, there are no shortcuts on quality.
Proper regeneration is critical for optimum performance, exchange capacity, total volume output and low operating cost.
Our quality control certified ISO 9001:2015 carefully select only resin lots that meet our stringent requirements, assuring you the highest quality water and maximum performance from each new regenerated deionizer.
Quality control of the entire process is critical to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers, and we have the highest level of quality control in the industry.
From incoming QC of resins and tanks to verification of regeneration procedures to cartridge traceability, all aspects of the process are provided.
In addition to the full line of Ion exchanger Products, Noion Aqua’s service team can provide related items such as replacement parts, filter cartridges, membranes, UV lights and various types of instrumentation.
Quality Tested Before it Reaches You.
Each regenerated service unit is tested for pressure integrity and product water quality before it is installed in your plant.

Quality Control
· Incoming QC: Raw materials must meet quality specifications.
· In-Process QC: Each component has its own operating criteria, and the entire process is monitored.
· Final Product QC: Materials are double checked for quality with results recorded in the batch record.

If requested, service unit is chemically sanitized before refilling.
Document Control
We have a comprehensive document control system. No process changes are made without proper notification and approval.
Cartridge Traceability
The serial number of each service unit is recorded on the production control log, so total traceability is ensured.

We delivery directly to your Lab or production building the replacement for your Ion exchange cartridge as the resins can be regenerated, time and again.