Clinical analyzer power supply Roche - Beckman - Abbott

The complete purification group is destined to feed with purified water  the clinical diagnostic system is composed of a control panel to be applied on the wall which it's made of high density Polypropylene material. It comes with all the main treatment components and includes a pair of demineralization cartridges, including:

  • Pressure reducer
  • Filter of 1 or 0.2 Micron
  • UV Lamp at 256 nm
  • 2 6500MB20 series Demi cartridge
  • 2 3 way valves
  • 1 release valve for cartridge
  • Digital conductivity meter with optical alarm 
  • Pipes and fittings in Polypropylene
  • Flow rate: up to 400 L/h
  • Purification system for clinical diagnostic AFS

      Delivery time:30 days