The systems are specifically designed to produce large volumes of RO, pure water type II or ultrapure water. The system was created to serve as a central work station, generating purified water for a single laboratory installation or several laboratories.

  • High purity water has always been a critical element in clinical diagnostics.
  • Pure or ultrapure water dispensing with one or two dispensers
  • Integrated control of water purification, storage, distribution as well as all other functions
  • Built-in pretreatment pack including prefiltration, chlorine removal and anti-scaling media 
  • Optimized RO-reject water recovery loop to maximize water efficiency 
  • WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity for remote control and monitoring by smart devices 
  • Continuous measurement of water level inside the reservoir for safe operations 
  • Leak protector incorporated inside to shut down the water flow should a leak occur
  • Integrated 100 L reservoir, upgradable for appropriate volume needs 
  • An optional emergency bypass loop for maximum operation reliability 
  • Easy mobility thanks to four wheels at the bottom of each system
  • Display / User Guide in multiple languages

Super-Genie E (30 L/h)

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