Ultrapure water type I

Genie PURIST produces ultrapure water (Type I water)  from pure water. Quality of ultrapure water meet or exceedsASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water standards, respectively.
  • The system can be link to multiple dispensers via CAN cable or wireless.
  • An optional automatic system shut-off upon detection of any water leakage.
  • Ultra purification cartridge is filled with LeFilTM and OrganeFilTM media to remove trace ions and organics.
  • Built-in 185/254 nm dual wavelength lamp reduces TOC level in ultrapure water.
  • On-line TOC monitor based on complete oxidation methodology (for TOC models).
  • A full range of cartridges for various applications including ultra-low TOC, low Mg, low boron, ICP and DI type.
  • Various final filters (optional) can ensure ultrapure water without particles, bacteria or pyrogen.
  • RFID tags ensure perfect placement of consumables and trace their performance.
  • The control console is 8 inch touch screen. The console controls system and peripheral devices. All operations can be done on the console.
  • Water quality, operation parameters, the status of the system, dispensers, components, and peripheral devices are stored and displayed on the large color touch screen monitor.
  • The console screen and dispenser screens are water-proof. You can operate the console and dispenser with latex gloves on.
  • Genie Purist

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