From simple routine washing and rinsing, through to ultra pure for the most critical applications such as UHPLC and ultra trace analysis the NOIONAQUA range is designed to offer water purity to match your specific laboratory application.

The NOIONAQUA range offers:

  • Type I, Type II, Type III water quality
  • From 1 liter up to 1,000 liters per day
  • Full maintenance and validation support
  • Refurbished ultrapure Systems 
  • Comparable replacements

The selection of the right pure water system for your laboratory will depend on varying factors such as the quality of water required, the volume of water, the level of certification required and several other parameters.

*Merk-Millipore®; Milli-Q®; Millipore® are trademarks of a third party not related to NOION AQUA Sagl



compatible replacements

Used systems

Ion exchangers


Photovoltaic cleaning

Conductivity meter




Purified water > 2 Mohm

Ultrapure  18.2 Mohm

Analytical feed 




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