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Millipore®, Advantage®, Reference®, Synthesys®, Integral®, Direct-Q®, RioS®, Milli-Q®, Elix® are trademarks of a third party not related to Noion Aqua Sagl

  • Resistivty 18.2 Mohm
  • TOC Level < 5 ppb *
  • Bacteria (cfu/mL)  < 0.01 *
  • Pyrogens < 0.0001 *

* Typical values

Milli-Q® Advance® system is specifically designed for any laboratory application.
The system is made up of two components: the Milli-Q® production unit and the Q-POD® delivery unit.

The Q-POD® dispenser allows to control water flow in two different ways: manually press the plunger or select a specific volume with the autofill key.

Milli-Q® Advance®

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