EDI 35/70/100

Cartridge compatible to Millipore® ELIX®  Large 35/70/100  mfg >2005


Pretreatment Cartridge

Weight: kg

Cartridge compatible to Millipore® Large RioS & Elix® 

NOIONAQUA replacement for Millipore® PROGTL0S1; PROGTL1CL2; CMPROGTL40

NOION AQUA Brand. Designed as a high quality replacement This high quality filter will pretread water in Electrodeionization systems . Material of construction: Heat Fused Polypropylene, EPDM, Specially prepared activated carbon, particulate filters, anti-scalant. 

Tank Filter 30/60/100 Lt.

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Vent filter compatible to Millipore® Tank

Filtro di ventilazione per serbatoio da 30-60-100 lt


Weight: kg
Desinfection Tablets 12 pcs/pkg

A10 TOC Monitor UV Lamp replacement

Weight: kg
1 pcs/pkg
Anatel A10 inside or outside instrument, replacement lamp, compatible to Millipore® Milli-Q® 

NOIONAQUA replacement for Millipore® ZFA10UV01

The A10 TOC monitor's Lamp deteriorates with usage, affecting the accuracy of analysis results. Its decay is time dependent, but the lamp typically should be replaced every six months under normal operations, or at least one a year.

RO cartridge

Weight: kg
RO Cartridge compatible to Millipore® ELIX-RioS® 

NOIONAQUA replacement for Millipore®  CDRC030HG, CDRCO3OHG RO Membrane for Serie  E 20, Clinical 35/70 and RO 30 systems.

Suitable for the following systems:
• Series E 20
• Series E Clinic 35 and 70
• RO 30

Delivery time 4 week

RO Cartridge

Weight: kg

RO Cartridge compatible to Millipore® ELIX® 

NOIONAQUA replacement for Millipore® CDRC050HG, CDRCO5OHG RO Membrane for Serie E 35/70/100, and RO 50/100/150/200 systems.

Suitabel for the following systems:

• Serie E 35, 70 and 100
• Serie RO 50/100/150/200

Delivery time 4 week

UV Lamp

Weight: kg

UV Lamp compatible to Millipore® Elix®